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Finding a great lender is the best way to start your home search on the right foot. This person is going to be with us through the entire process, so we want to be sure they are a great fit. If you need assistance finding a knowledgeable lender, I can help!


During your home search we will view any and all available properties you find interest in. I want to be your biggest resource at this time, so please reach out with questions and to set up showings.


Once you've found

"The One", we will get together to write an offer and review the contract.

I will explain everything you're signing, and help you to decide what the best offer is for your situation, and the home.


Once under contract with your new home, there are some up front fees to be prepared for. The first is the earnest deposit. This will come back to you at closing though. This fee can be $500+ depending on the property.


The inspection is the next step in the process. This will be done within 10 days from contract acceptance. This fee is paid directly to the inspector and ranges from $400-$600 depending on the inspector.


The final upfront cost is the appraisal. This can range from $400-$600 and is dependent on the lender if it is taken up front, or at closing. This is for an appraiser to assess the properties value, and safety.

Steps to Buying


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